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"Sublime Haze" 6x12" acrylic

"Sublime Haze" 6x12" acrylic

$145 CAD plus SHP&HLD can be shipped anywhere in USA and Canada

Inspire from the poetry and photography of Nicholas James Lomas-Hawke:

Caught in the sight of

Her mascara'd eye.

Her gaze hazed

Through colours of;

Secretive, seductive,

steely slate.

Lustful, lonely lilac and

Prime, ripe plum.

Gleaming in the luxurious innocence and Pearly purity of


An aura of enveloping passionate-pink,

Accented in Apricot adoration.

An orange audacity flares with eager temptation, ...

Her eye shines a sublime yellow, A glowing, knowing gold -

A wealth in wisdom.

Her dusky, coloured eyes

Ignite a bliss in my heart.




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