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'Lead Me To The Mountain" 12x16" acrylic

"Lead Me To The Mountain" 12x16" acrylic


"If the mountain won't come to you, you must go to the mountain."

Paintings always have a story and this one I would love to share with you. It's a memory painting I began before Christmas. I have struggled for a while with it. Feeling it was to grand to pull from my senses. I would go down to the beach when the sun set and then again at night when the tide was low and walk on the sand bars staring out over the water. Such a magnificent and humbling feeling ... Very surreal, as to 'walk on water' to gaze out into the dusk with a hint of twilight left, stars beginning to appear, cool air making everything sharp. I kept repainting it and frustrated as it wouldn't flow from my minds eye. Then in a lecture I was listening to by author Elizabeth Gilbert, she said she always made sure when she writes, she writes to one specific person. So I thought who would comprehend the magnitude of this?... The symbolism? ... It's called 'Lead Me To The Mountain' ... A friend and client came to mind and then from my hand it flowed, I opened up the clouds and there even in the darkness of night, found the path from my sand bar.


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